Nancy Mayo, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD

James McGill Professor
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Division of Clinical Epidemiology, Division of Geriatrics – Department of Medicine, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) –Research Institute of the MUHC

Dr Nancy Mayo is a James McGill Professor in the Department of Medicine and the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University (Division of Geriatrics and Division of Clinical Epidemiology). She is also Research Scientist at the Center for Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation, McGill University Hospital Center Research Institute. Originally from Ottawa, Dr. Mayo is a graduate of Queen’s University in Physical Therapy and McGill University with a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science and a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Dr. Mayo leads a research program on Function, Disability and Quality of Life for vulnerable populations. Her research is conducted from rehabilitation, health services, health outcomes, and epidemiological perspectives. Dr. Mayo has had a preoccupation with generating evidence about how to improve outcomes for people with disabling health conditions and translating this knowledge directly to patients. She is an honorary life member of the International Society of Quality of Life (ISOQOL) and is the author of the Dictionary of Quality of Life and Health Outcomes Measurement for this organization.

Dr. Mayo is a committed educator having supervised over 100 students in Rehabilitation Science, Epidemiology, Experimental Surgery and Experimental Medicine, 40 at the doctoral level. She has more than 300 life-time publications and has presented at scientific venues on every continent.

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