Welcome to the Positive Brain Health Now study

We have assembled a new team of healthcare professionals with intersecting expertise in clinical HIV and neuroscience medicine, fundamental science, health outcomes and applied statistics to understand and improve brain health in HIV.

The aims are to provide evidence for the validity of a brief brain health assessment approach, to estimate the extent to which clinical factors related to HIV-related cognition and patient-centred outcomes are interdependent and evolve over time, allowing the identification of mechanisms underlying changes in brain health.

A total of 840 participants from across Canada have been recruited and are characterized over a 27-month period to answer questions about evolution of outcome interests. All participants are offered basic brain health information. They are not required to take any special medications. They are asked to complete a questionnaire every 9 months detailing demographic information, vitality, stress, social support, sleep, cognition, quality of life, HIV and psychological symptoms. Participants also have their cognition assessed at each visit and provide blood and saliva samples for future immunological, virological or genetic studies.

The long-term goal of this study is to design and conduct other studies that will improve brain health in people living with HIV. Click here to know more about our sub-studies.

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